I’m a graphic designer based in traditional printmaking with an acute awareness of color and structure. I explore textures, patterns and visual cues from the natural world.

My work has a unique, earthy and grounded feeling that is filled with deep intention. Most of my work is inspired by the natural world around me. I think of design as a universal language, like nature; communication and accessibility are very important to me. As a designer, my work is about understanding and identity - bringing simple visual cues together that create a greater interconnected meaning. My knowledge of texture, colors, and patterns gained from my fine art work, has a strong influence in my designs. My process is very hands-on, working with a variety of tactile mediums. I sketch out all my ideas out on physical paper. I want to feel connected to the physical control of the pencil, explore many ideas like a stream of consciousness. Then I transition to digital work to refine the ideas. I like to keep making and moving forward and value design thinking in the process of creating something unifying and representational of something familiar.   


Rebecca Kate Baranovski was born in 1995. She is a first generation American born to working class parents who escaped religious persecution in the USSR.  Rebecca received her grade school education from a Lubavitcher Yeshiva which prioritized Jewish learning over standard academics. Rebecca graduated from Hebrew High School of New England while working full time to contribute to her family. After graduation, Rebecca moved to Israel for a year exploring her spiritual curiosity and ultimately reaching an understanding of her religious identity. Today, Rebecca is expected to graduate with a double major in fine arts and graphic design from Lesley Art and Design, Lesley University in 2019.